This Cat is Trying To Learn About Fishing, But You Will Be Laughing So Hard when You See Who is The Teacher!

This video made me laugh so much, and I am sure you will think the same. There are many cat owners, and everyone of them will have a big list of facts to tell us about why do they keep a cat as a pet. Kittens are without any doubt very intelligent, especially when it comes to getting food, and they particularly have a strong taste for fish, but I had no idea that they have learned some new, more convenient, ways for fishing.

What you can see at first on this video, is a cat who is getting interested about the fishing line, but what you can not see right from the beginning is, who is on the other end of the fishing stick. You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling when you do, so I wont tell you now. But, I will give you a hint, this fisherman tend to purr when he is relaxing! Hilarious!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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