This Cat REALLY Wants To Go Outside But There’s SO Much Snow. What He Does is Unbelievable.

If you are having troubles with the heavy snowfall these days, do not despair cause you are not the only one. Many people across the whole country are covered in snow, or to be precise their houses are. Well, you see, maybe you did not think about it, but that can be a big problem for your pet, for example. Some Guy has filmed his cat in a hilarious situation. He desperately needs to go get some fresh air, but faces the barrier of several feet of snow standing in his way! You have to see this!

The guy who posted this funny clip is a YouTuber James Gilfoy, and he had much fun while recording his cat dealing with a nearly impossible task. His cat’s name is Rudiger, and Rudiger decided that he is not going to give up, at least he will give his best to break loose. It was so funny seeing the cute cat scratching the snow probably trying to dig a tunnel. That did not work out, so after a couple of moments of thinking he went for a leap of his life, but again nothing. Lucky for him, his owner showed some mercy and gave him a hand.

Check it out, and have some good laughs!

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[youtube id=”gu9VC1MyAEU” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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