For This Cat Christmas came a little bit earlier!

Everyone who gets most of the information about animals from cartoons knows that cats love eating fish. Why is it that the favorite food of cats is fish? Whether it’s tuna, salmon, trout, shrimp, whitefish, or “ocean fish” my little cat loves fish more than anything in the whole world. As soon as I take out the can from the cabinet and get ready to crack it open, he meows and leaps with joy across the kitchen! Well, The Cat from this story is the champion among the cats when eating fish is the conquest.

The video was filmed in a shop in Russia’s Vladivostok airport, and somehow this cat managed to sneak into fish counter and eat so much fish that caused the damage of about 1,000 U.S. dollars. Of course the cat burglar did not eat this much, but the shop owners had to write off all the fish that was inside. It is still unknown how did cat sneaked inside, but I suppose that the security was low. 🙂

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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