She Had A Terrible Car Accident And Thanks To A Hero Stray Dog She is Alive!

This is one truly incredible story and it is a perfect example that heroes are everywhere around us, we only need to see them. Usually we share stories about amazing dog rescues, but this time a dog was the one who saved a human life. A woman named Shannon will be forever thankful to some stray dog, cause if it was not for him, she would certainly be dead.

Shannon had a car accident on a rural road, and flew out of the road with her vehicle. Unfortunately, no one saw her and she was badly hurt. At that moment, something unbelievable happened, a stray dog who came out of the woods pulled her out of the car and dragged her over 100 feet back to the street. That enabled her to stop a passing vehicle and save herself.

The story about a hero dog did not end there, check out the video to see a wonderful ending!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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