This Seems Like An Ordinary Family Photo. But When You Hear Their Story, You Will Be in SHOCK!

Meet The McMillan family, they look like any other ordinary people, but what they have decided to do makes them a bit unusual. This family came up with an idea to live like it’s 1986 for an entire year and the reason behind this will certainly stun you! Everything started when Blair asked his son Trey to play outside, but instead, the boy continued to play on his father’s iPad. In order to bring the family together and spend more quality time with each other they banned all technology created after 1986 for an entire year!

What it looks like to live without computers, tablets, smart phones, internet, or even cable looks shocking, at least from ours point of view. McMillan family went even farther, they were clothing from the ’80s and even sports mullet hairstyles, take photos on real film and much more. Unbelievable! Did they achieve what they were looking for?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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