Silly Man Puts A Camera In Bucket Of Water, And The Result Is Unbelievably Awesome

John Wells is a very interesting man who decided to ditch the urban style of New York and move to ‘the middle of nowhere’. He built himself a sustainable house in the Texas desert for just $1600, and made it his home. You would think he is feeling lonely living on his own, but it looks like he has a lot of cute critters visiting every day.

Not many people would think off the idea to place a camera in a bucket of water, but John thought it might be interesting. The underwater view caught bees, birds, a squirrel, chickens, a donkey, and a steer named Ben. Thanks to John we got a unique chance to see what it looks like when different animals stop by for a drink.

It seems silly and it probably is, but the number of over 5 million views on YouTube says that people like it. It just proves that the most simple things are usually the most awesome.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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