Instead of A Regular Burial, People Are Now Turning Their Loved Ones into A Diamond!!!

It might seem crazy, but thanks to the new cutting edge technology now there is another way of preserving your loved one and is catching on. In many countries now, getting a regular burial is becoming more and more expensive, and due to this people are turning to cremations as a solution. But instead of keeping an urn in the house, now you can use the ashes of your loved one and turn them into a diamond!

All of this has been developed by a a Swiss company called Algordanza and what they actually do is they extract the carbon from the ashes and than use it to make a diamond. The only downside is that you do not get to pick the color, cause it depends on the ashes of the deceased.  How crazy is this? What do you think about this new burial method? Feel free to tell us!


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