Mom Finds Out Daughter Is A Bully, So She Decides To Punish Her In A Very Unique Way

Bullying is a serious problem today and affects a great number of children. While many parents are trying to find a way to protect their kids, one Mom has found herself on the other side. When she find out her daughter was bullying another girl at school, this step mom knew she had to punish her. What she did is now matter of the national debate!

10-year-old Kaylee Lindstrom was making fun of her friend because of the dress she was wearing. She did not like it and because she is a “self-proclaimed 4th grade fashionista,” she teased her. After Kaylee’s step-mother was informed about the incident, she decided to teach her daughter a lesson she certainly won’t forget!

It looks like the punishment worked. But, was it too much?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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