This Guy Built His Own Thor’s Hammer And The Best Thing About It is that only He Can Lift It!

If you watched ‘The Avengers’ than you probably know that Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is an awesome weapon which carries a lot of power. But according to the legend, only those “deemed worthy” are able to lift Mjolnir, and for everyone else, the hammer becomes too heavy to budge. Well, Allen Pan of the Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel came up with an amazing idea to build his own personal Thor’s hammer and as you will see on this video, he is the only one worth enough to lift it!

Allen took his hammer to the streets and challenged some passers by to lift it from the ground, but no one could do it. Than he approaches and leaves others in awe with his incredible strength. It really seemed like magic, but actually there is a pretty simple scientific explanation behind his ability to lift the Thor’s Hammer and it is just genius! Check it out, and make sure to watch the video till the end and see how some guy solved this mystery!

[youtube id=”0_8Xhzt5YQI” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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