Bride Puts Her Sneakers On And Takes The Floor Next To The Groom. When The Music Starts? Incredible

When this bride and groom took the floor, guests knew something special is going to happen. Bride in sneakers took his future husband’s hand while the well known song started in the background. Moments later, they literally had the time of their lives right on the dance floor and it was just amazing!

The couple, Asia and Maciek are obvious “Dirty Dancing” fans. They made sure to find similar costumes and learn the moves to recreate the iconic dance from the movie. It was just stunning to see them enjoy every second on that dance floor while the crowd went cheering with excitement.

Asia and Maciek clearly put a lot of work to make it look perfect, but this was not the entire surprise. Nobody expected that the other members of the wedding party were in on this plan, too.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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