Bride Loses Father Just Before Her Wedding. What Her Brother Did Left The Whole Room Crying

Every woman dreams about marrying her prince and has every detail of her beautiful wedding planned. Unfortunately, for Andrea things did not go as she was dreaming. Just months before her big day, she lost her father to pancreatic cancer, and it left her devastated. She had to prepare for the wedding without her beloved Dad.

We all know that one of the traditions at weddings is a father-daughter dance. It was very hard for Andrea to get through this moment, but her family let her know they will always be there for her.

During the wedding, Andrea’s brother decided to do something special for his sister. He wanted to help her feel father’s spirit even though he could not be there for her special day. What he did, left her in tears and she will definitely never forget this moment.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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