They Asked Some Boys To Slap A Girl, And Their Reaction Is So Precious!

This video is so adorable, and you just have to see it. It`s aim is to give a lesson, and to show how everybody should react to the subject of violence against women.

The video starts with introducing a series of little boys who are about to meet some girl for the first time. In the beginning they were asked to say what they like about her. After some awesome answers that we could expect from children, they were told to caress her and make some funny faces on her. Everything was going great and funny, and then they were asked to slap her!

The Boys were stunned for a moment, but than their reactions would melt everybody`s heart.

Check out the video, and see what a great examples these young boys are! Sweetest thing ever!

Please share this precious lesson!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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