4 Young Boys Step Up To Sing Christmas Carol, But Leave The Audience Rolling In Laughter

Christmas concerts are a beloved tradition, and it’s an ideal way to ring in the season. Children often take part in the performance and so it was this time. 4 young boys took the stage to sing, but soon the audience realized they are not a typical barber quartet. These little guys sing a bit differently than one would expect, and everyone were in for a hilarious surprise.

People gathered to hear a traditional gospel song, but boys had something else on their mind. They managed to turn tradition into a comedic performance that had entire crowd rolling in laughter. All four of them did a great job, but you definitely should watch for the kid in the vest. When he takes the spotlight, that is when the real fun begins.

I think they did an incredible job, and the audience clearly loved it. Watch the video and SHARE to spread a smile.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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