Teen Spots A Little Girl Drowning in An Ice Cold River. What He Did Next Was Incredibly Brave…

Who knows what would have happened if Angus Pauley was not running late for school that day? Well, he certainly wont regret it, and one little girl and her family will be forever grateful that he did… The only reason she is alive today is because of Angus Pauley.

He asked his Mom that day to drive him to school and on their way over the bridge, he noticed something in the river below. They stopped their car and than he saw it. Little girl’s head was bobbing up and down from the water. Angus knew it was a matter of minutes and something needed to be done fast.

Without any hesitation, he stripped down and jumped right in. Angus and another hero, Jeremy McKenzie, who joined in, saved her life. Thanks to them, she is now alive and well, and back with her family.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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