Young Boy Buys Old Painting For $2, Appraiser Leaves Him Floored With Its True Worth

Children`s dreams have no ceiling and listening to their ideas and goals is inspiring. They might seem unrealistic, but you should believe in your child because they believe in themselves. If you support them enough, your children can do or be whatever they dream…

David Weiss is a kid who loves collecting antiques. Whether its glass, sterling silver, or art, he enjoys buying and selling items. One day David and his dad went to a junk yard auction and it was unbearably hot. He saw some old painting and begged his dad to stick around so he could get it at a good price. After an hour, David ended up paying only $2 for it!

He had a hunch that this painting is worth more, but never could have dreamed just how much. Turns out that the watercolor painting was the work of Albert Neuhuys, a 19th-century artist who was born in Holland (Netherlands). The look on David`s face when the appraiser reveals him its true worth is amazing!

We can all agree this kid is going to make a good living one day from what it was once a hobby. Watch the video and see how much he earned. Don’t forget to SHARE and inspire someone else.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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