Neighbor’s Dog Kept Sneaking Under The Fence Every Day For One Very Good Reason….

Saki was a stray puppy who was found on the streets and rescued. She was temporarily living with the family who accepted to take care of her before her training to become a search and rescue dog starts. But, it seems that Saki had other ideas.

People she was living with started noticing that every morning Saki was missing and they realized that she found a whole in the fence, but they still had no idea where she was going…

Then one day they learned that Saki found a friend right across the street, a little boy named Danny who needed his company desperately. Danny who was developmentally challenged, he had difficulty speaking and participating in physical activities and his family could not find a way to help him – until he met Saki!

That’s the beginning of this truly amazing story and I am sure you would want to hear the rest of it. Prepare your tissues and share please!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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