Dude Reads Book With Fake Covers on The Subway And Catch Some Hilarious Reactions

Seeing a man reading a book on subway is not so unusual, but what if the book he is reading, or at least it’s cover, is a little embarrassing? How would you react?

Even though many people would not agree, we are paying attention to our surroundings, only we sometimes decide it`s not our business. But you can not go without at least a face expression when you see someone reading ‘How to Hold a Fart In’, or ‘101 Penis Lengthening Exercises You Can Do at Home’, or, and this one is my favorite, ‘How to Fake Your Own Death’.

Well, this is what a comedian Scott Rogowsky was reading during his train ride trying to catch the other passengers’ reactions. You can already guess that it was just hilarious, but check out the video and see for yourself.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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