Blind Man Asks For Change Of $5 While Holding A $50. The Result Proves People Are Horrible

Has the world become so rotten or there are still good people out there who would not take advantage of a helpless man? We all have different experiences, and this is exactly what Adrian Gee from Adelaide, Australia, wanted to find out. He put the society to a test and the result is just disappointing and even shocking!

Adrian took to the streets pretending he is a blind man. He walked with a pair of dark glasses and a long cane and performed his social experiment. Gee approached dozens of people, some were honest, but some of the passers by should be ashamed of themselves. The bright side of the experiment are those good souls who gave their best to help the man.

I just could not believe that someone would exploit a blind person and head off with the money! Hope these people are just a couple of rotten apples in the basket. Watch the video and tell us how you felt, did it make you angry or just sad? Feel free to comment below.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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