He Runs The Blade around the Middle of a Potato, and The Reason Why is Genius!

I am a big fan of french fries, I just love them, and I think that many of you would agree with me. But, when it comes to cooking them, one of the most annoying tasks is definitely peeling all that potatoes. It can take forever to peel the enormous quantity of potatoes using that conventional peeler. Finding this video, I think that this issue is going to be part of history. A popular YouTuber Dave Hax has found a genius solution for this problem, you do not need a peeler and it’s so easy!

As always his ideas are incredible, and I think that after watching this video no one will ever use that peeler again. The trick is in running a blade around a potato but not too deep, and than boiling the sliced potatoes for about 10 minutes. After, just put them in cold water, and then using your hands you can peel them easily with just a little pressure.

It’s a fantastic kitchen trick, check it out, and share if you like it!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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