Black Friday In Brazil Is A ‘Little’ Different Than We Are Used To! Check This Out!

We all know what ‘Black Friday’ is, and we recently had a chance to see what it looks like in U.S. People are lining up and waiting for hours for shopping stores to open so they could buy things at some really law prices. Well, this event has become some sort of tradition in some other countries as well, and Brazil is just one of those. Local businesses are trying to accustom people on Black Friday sales, and this looks pretty much the same as in America. But as you will see on this video, there is a slight difference, on this Black Friday sale – no one showed up!

As the employees are preparing to open the doors, you would expect, and they probably did also, huge number of people to rush in, but awkwardly there was nobody. I have no idea why, but there is certainly some good reason. What do you think about this Black Friday in Brazil?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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