Parents Trust ‘The Biggest Pit bull In America’ Babysit Their Newborn Baby

Any other parents in the world would not even consider letting a 180 pounds pit bull go near their newborn baby, but Marlon and Lisa have no such issues. These guys are proud owners of the world’s largest and most powerful pit bull.

They named him Hulk and he was, until now, the youngest member of the family. Marlon and Lisa just came back from the hospital and they brought their newborn son, Jackson. Do they need to worry about how will Hulk react? Apparently, not at all!

Hulk is trained to protect and defend, but it looks like he knows when it’s time to settle down and be gentle. They are not just letting him be around baby, he babysits and takes care of him like a big bro. Check out the video and see it for yourself.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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