Best Grandpa Reaction to Baby Announcement EVER!

Announcing the big news can be one of the most meaningful, memorable, and the most precious moments ever. We have seen many pregnancy announcements so far, but this one definitely hits the top of the list all thanks to the hilarious reaction by future grandfather. This happy couple decided to break the news using Jimmy Fallon`s Whisper Game and the grandparents to be had to figure out what they are saying by reading their lips.

The video was posted by Alexa Goolsby and it shows her and her husband playing the game with her parents. This game is always packed with lots of laughter thanks to the one who wears noise cancelling headphones, but this time it was even more hilarious and the credits go Alexa’s dad. Congratulations to her Mom who got the clue almost instantly but managed to hold off until the grandpa figured it out. You just have to see his his excitement at the end! Loved it!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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