Four Bears Were Caged for 20 Years. Now Watch Them Take Their First Steps of Freedom

A group of bears spent the last 20 years in filthy, old cages, living in horrible conditions. These four bears, Bruno, Fifi, Marsha and Pocahontas had been forced to do tricks, like riding bicycles, at a broken-down Pennsylvania roadside zoo. Since they were cubs, they did not know of anything better.

Neglected, and in a very bad shape, they were finally rescued in July 2015. Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and PETA freed those poor animals from decrepit cement cages. Now, they will have 15 acres of prairie grasses to roam, a swimming hole, hills to climb, and the veterinary care they need.

The moment they finally take their first steps of freedom was caught on video and it was an amazing thing to see. Check it out and share with all of your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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