This Bear Found A Hay Bale, But Wait to See What It Does With It! Priceless!

If we are going to judge by what we could see on movies and TV, bears are very dangerous and unpredictable animals, but in fact they are very social and highly intelligent creatures. Just like people, bears can be empathetic, joyful and playful and what you are going to see on this video is the perfect example. Prepare to meet Hugo The Bear who just loves playing around with a hay bale!

Hugo was found as a cub back in 2000, and since than he lives in the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Hugo was all covered in porcupine quills when she was found but, luckily everything turned out great for this girl. She spends her time outside playing and searching for honey inside holes, but this time they caught her in the priceless moment of having fun with a hay bale! Great!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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