Woman Sees A Barefoot Girl Wandering Alone By The Highway, Then Realize The SHOCKING Truth

A 5 year old Lexi was driving in a car with mom and her 10-week old brother when their trip took a terrifying turn. Lexi’s mom had nodded off at the wheel, and the car went off the road, landing 40 feet below! After a while, Lexi woke up and saw her brother crying. Mom was unconscious and all her efforts to wake her up were in vain. That is when this little girl did the unthinkable!

Lexi somehow managed to get out of her five-point harness, and barefoot climb up the treacherous embankment. She went onto the road and started flagging down drivers. Two kind strangers who happened to drive by, saw Lexi and stopped. Very soon paramedics arrived and rescued her Mom and brother.

Both of them were severely injured. Mom had fractures in her neck and upper back and her brother suffered a brain bleed. But, thanks to Lexi and her clever thinking they are alive. For her brave act, she has been awarded a bronze medal from the Royal Canadian Humane Society.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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