Ballerina Dancing Like A Spider Is The Weirdest And The Most Awesome Thing You’ll Ever See

Usually we see ballet dancers being so gentle and fragile, but the one you are about to meet is unlike anything you have ever seen. Dressed all in black, Marina Sidorova has decided to push the boundaries of classical ballet and give us something completely unordinary. I am still not sure if this is incredibly creepy or just amazing, or maybe a bit of both.

Marina’s routine might seem confusing at first, after all when did you ever see ballerina getting down on all fours like some kind of spider?! But, once she starts her performance you wont be able to take your eyes of her, cause she is hypnotic to watch. She channels her inner spider through her dance moves and still manages to look so gracious.

Marina has wowed the entire world with her ‘spider dance’ and people are having mixed feelings after watching her show. Watch out her amazing dance performance and tell us what you think about it.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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