Cops See A Bald Eagle Standing in The Middle of The Road. Then They Get Closer And Realize Why

Clearwater, Florida drivers were pretty surprised to see a bald eagle standing right in the middle of the road. The bird was clearly unable to fly away and it was in danger of getting hit by cars. The police arrived to the scene immediately, and closed off two lanes of traffic to protect her. The assumption was that eagle has been feeding on some roadkill in the middle of the road when it was struck. Cops surrounded the bird and did everything they could to get it back in the sky.

Bald Eagle, a symbol of our nation, was on the list of endangered species till 2007 when it was removed. Back in 1950s there were as few as 450 nesting pairs only left due to the use of the pesticide DDT being sprayed on their eggs.

Officers worked with rescuers to safely capture the bird and take her to get treatment. Veterinary specialists discovered she had a chipped bone on her wing and was badly bruised, thus preventing her from being able to take flight. After the treatment, it will be in care until she is able to return to the wild.

Check out this bizarre situation.

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I Already Did

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