Stray Dog Crashes A Bachelor Party, Then Turns It Into A Puppy Rescue Mission

Mitchel Craddock and some of his best friends took a trip into the woods of Tennessee for a bachelor party. They were ready to start celebrating when things took an unexpected turn.

A stray dog showed up in front of their cabin, and was hesitant to step foot inside. She was clearly interested in their breakfast, and the guys quickly befriended the sweet and friendly dog. They noticed she recently had puppies, but they could not see any of her little ones. Then, they realized she was acting very protective over one grassy spot. That’s when they discovered a hole in the ground.

Inside there were seven pups who were safely nuzzled up. Mitchel and his group cleaned them up and took them home to Michigan. The best part is they are going to adopt all eight dogs, including Mom.

Great work guys! The best bachelor party ever!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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