Mom Introduced A Baby With The Family Cat, But She Definitely Did Not Expect This Reaction! Adorable!

From what I have seen and you are about to this is going to be a beginning of a beautiful friendship. This clip is so adorable that you are going to love it. I have read somewhere a study that babies who live with a dog or a cat tend to be much more healthier and of course they turn out to be much more sociable people. So, having that in mind this mother has decided to introduce their home cat with a new member of the family, and the result was just amazing!

This adorable baby in a sleep sack just can not hide all her excitement about her new fluffy friend and her reaction is so precious. On the other hand a kitty seems very comfortable in her crib, and would probably not have anything against napping a while on this cozy mattress. The best part was definitely when the cat took a crossing over a baby, the look on her face is hardly describable, you have to see it!

[youtube id=”qkdXAtO40Fo” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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