Baby Falls In Love With Nurse, Then Wins Her Heart With The Sweetest Move Ever

Going to the doctors can turn into a nightmare for both parents and the baby. Most of the times, your little one will get fussy and start crying constantly. On the other hand, who can blame them! No one likes to get poked or to mess up with those scary needle pricks. But, now and then, there are a few rare moments that make you pick up your phone and start recording.

This Mom knows right what I am talking about. She have just taken her 9 month old son to the doctors for checkup, and then this happened. This fellow has to be one of the most adorably serious baby. He instantly fell in love with a pretty nurse and decided to win her heart.

But how shell I do that? Easy, I’ll just lay my head on her hand and let her know how I feel. To make sure I’ll even treat her with one of the sweetest smile ever!

It was just amazing, and congrats to Mom for capturing this precious moment.


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