Adorable Baby Tasmanian Devil Cuddles With His Keeper. What Follows Is Too Cute For Words!

The first time I saw Tasmanian devil was in some old cartoon, and I remember I did not have the best image of them. After all, what kind of animal has the word “devil” in its name? But, a lot has changed since then, among other things, I have grown a little bit and I have learned that Tasmanian devils are actually super adorable! Just how much, you are about to see on this video.

This little guy lives at a free-range facility called Devil Ark in New South Wales. People running this place aim to protect these animals, and one of them is Tim Faulker. Tim and a baby Tasmanian devil share a special bond. Little baby loves getting his belly rubs from Tim and won’t let him leave. Whenever he places him down, ‘devil’ runs after him excitedly!

Such a lovely little animal, I can’t stop watching this video. By the way Tasmanian devils are endangered species, so share to help save them.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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