Baby Panda Snuck Out of The Bed. Now Watch What Mom Does! This is Too Cute!

Their black and white coat and prominent black eye patches makes them one of the most recognizable species on this world and another thing that everyone of us would certainly agree is that giant pandas are the champions of cuteness between animals. On the other hand, it`s a sad fact that people keep destroying panda`s natural habitats and due to this a large number of these animals live their entire lives in captivity.

Research and conservation center in Taipei City, Taiwan is home to a giant panda named Yuan Yuan and her cub, and people who take care of them shared a video that will certainly touch your heart. As any other youngster this baby panda likes to explore her surroundings and she happened to wander off at bed time. As mother noticed she was gone, she heads off to bring her home but that was not going to be so easy.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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