This Baby Elephant Met a Cat for The First Time. Now Watch What The Calf Did! Awww…

Prepare to meet Navaan, a baby elephant who lives in the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. Navaan is a playful little calf and he enjoys most having a walk with his mother, but during one of those walks, he noticed something strange in the park. As you will see on the beginning of the video, they walked right past some stray cat and it seemed like Navaan did not notice the cat, but that was obviously an act cause seconds later he went right back.

Well, I know that elephants are familiar with some bigger relatives of this kitten, so Navaan obviously wanted to see why this one stopped growing. He went right towards her like he was going to get her, but clearly changed his mind and decided that he is smarter than her. He started walking away but wait to see what happened than, this is just hilarious!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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