Baby Dressed as a Lion Cub Leaves The Real Thing Completely Confused

Little Aryeh was very excited when his godparents said they were going to take him to the zoo. This 11-month-old is impressed with lions and he made sure to come prepared for a meeting with the king of the jungle. Aryeh put on his lion costume and immediately captured the attention of the real thing!

The lion was quite curious about the little cub standing on the other side of the glass, and walked right up to him. Now, I am not so sure about what was in it`s head, but lion tried to touch the boy with it’s paw. What happens next is just incredible, the two clicked perfectly and they even played for a while.

These guys were so good together, almost like they are of the same kind. I think we just witnessed the rise of a beautiful friendship.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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