This Baby Loves Reading Very Much, But When a Book Ends, You Won’t BELIEVE His Reaction! Adorable!

This video carries the title “The saddest bookworm” and I can not think off a better description for a 10-month-old baby named Emmett. Baby Emmett really loves books and because he is too small to read by himself, his parents and everybody else in the family have to read to him. That is all great, but the problems begin when a great book comes to an ending and the reading is finished. This is when a tragedy starts for this little guy, and he bursts into crying.

This baby just cannot deal with the fact that his book has come to an end, and the only way to make him calm is to start reading again. He is just too adorable and I am sure he will make your day way better, and what to say about his t-shirt! Love it!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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