Town Refuses To Rescue Eagle Hanging From Tree, But Than An Army Veteran Decides To Take Matters Into Own Hands

A U.S. Army veteran, Jason Galvin, was planning a fishing trip and he was on his way to buy minnows when he noticed something strange hanging from a tree. He took a second look and then saw it! About 70 feet off the ground, an eagle was somehow caught in a piece of rope that was wrapped around a branch. Galvin knew he could not just leave it like that, so he decided to do something and save this symbol of American pride.

Galvin first alerted the authorities, he called the police, Fire Department, and Department of Natural Resources, but got the same answer from all three – the eagle was not within their jurisdiction. That is when he took matters into his own hands. He went home and came back with his rifle. He knew he is taking a great risk, but this was the only way to rescue the eagle…

I Already Did
I Already Did

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