Are You Feeling Groggy after Napping? That is Because You Were Doing it All Wrong! Check This Out!

Are you one of those people who likes taking naps in the afternoon and found yourself feeling groggy after waking? Well, maybe you were doing something wrong! Scientists say that your afternoon nap should not last for more than half an hour cause that time interval is getting all of the benefits of naps, and that means staying productive and creative, without the drawbacks!

The reason for this is in understanding how sleep cycles work. There are three stages of sleeping and the important thing is not step in the phase three. This is that part where we’re sleeping deeply, and waking is difficult and it usually starts after about 30 minutes. This is really cool stuff by ASAP Science and I have also heard that these naps are much better than the cup of coffee. So, go ahead and choose to try and nap, just be careful not to be seen by your boss!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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