Are You Brave enough to Dive into the Worlds Deepest Pool?!

If you like scuba-diving this is the right thing for you. This fantastic indoor pool is the deepest pool in the world with the depth of a 130 feet! It is called The Y-40 Deep Joy and it is located in the Hotel Milepini Terme in Montegrotto Terme, Italy. If you are not amazed with this facts, I would add that it has the height of a 12-story building or nine double-decker buses stacked atop each other!

This amazing pool was not meant for an everyday swimming of course, regardless that the water is always at comfortable 32°C (89°F). The purpose of constructing something like this was for scuba diving training, practice and even photo shoots. It has an astonishing viewing panels so if you are not brave enough or you just do not want to get wet, you can still experience the amazing depths of this pool!

Check out the video, and share please!!!

[youtube id=”vAMlgyGqhAw” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

And, here is another one!

[youtube id=”GAur8zP__VU” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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