People Called Him Crazy When He Built A Dam Around His House. Now They Say He Is A Genius

Most of the time, people who are extremely cautious and prepare for the worst are pegged as nuts. This was just the case with Randy Wagner. The entire neighborhood called him crazy when he started building a dam around his house. People laughed at him and were making jokes on his investment. But, the entire situation changed when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas…

Randy drove all the way from Louisiana to Texas to get an “Aqua Dam” for $8300. His house is now the only one on a dry ground, so it was certainly a fine investment. The tube is 30” tall and filled with water in order to hold back the flood waters coming in. The barrier is still holding and if it was not for the dam, the cost from damage would be way more then $8300!

I wonder what Randy’s neighbors are thinking now?! Check out the video and tell us your thoughts.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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