This April Fool’s Day Joke Did Not End Up as You Would Expect! Check it Out!

We all know that April Fools Day is celebrated every year on the first day of April, and on that day you are permitted to play practical jokes and hoaxes on whom ever you like. Of course, you should not go too far with fooling around, and also be prepared to be busted as many people expect something like that. Well, bearing that in mind, people from BMW, New Zealand decided to make a worlds first reverse April Fools Day Joke!

They ran a special advertisement on the April 1st, that claimed that especially for the holiday they would take anyone’s old car and trade it for a brand new BMW. No one took them serious, and everybody thought that it was a classic April Fools Day Joke. Well, almost on one. A couple of women showed up, and as it said in the advertisement, ‘asked for Tom’. You can imagine the smile on their faces when they actually ended up with a new car!

I guess that the local people certainly feel sorry for not getting the ad serious!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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