New IKEA Table Forces You To Put Down Your Smartphone Or You Wont Be Able To Eat! BRILLIANT!

Once upon a time a dinner table was the best place to chat with your family about how your spent your day, for example. You could enjoy your meal and spend the time with your love ones. Now, instead of interacting with each other, people are too busy staring at their phones and sharing photos of food. Well, Swedish furniture company, IKEA, has decided to stop that by forcing dinner companions to put down their phones during a meal.

A specially designed table with an embedded hotplate will cook your dinner, but there is a trick. In order to be able to heat up, your will need to deposit your smartphone under it. The more phones you put, the more heat you get. The other twist is that the phone area is not hot enough to melt the phones, apparently. Genius, right?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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