Annoying Saleswoman Kept Knocking On The Door, So He Came Up With A Genius Solution

There is nothing more annoying and bothersome than having unwanted solicitors knocking on your door. Those saleswomen and men can be very persistent when it comes to making you buy things you don’t need or want. So what would be the best way of getting rid of them nicely?

If you are out of ideas, than maybe an energy company from New Zealand called Energy Online can help you. They know just the way to make sure you enjoy a quit day at your home without anyone disturbing you.

If you thought this door knocker looks rather strange, you were so right! Several door to door salespeople approached to the front porch of a nice house, but this was not an ordinary home. When they kept knocking on the door repeatedly this door knocker decided to teach them a lesson.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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