This Heartwarming Animated Film About A Little Girl And Her Snowman Friend Will Definitely Bring You To Tears!

Around this time of the year we have a chance to see many holiday commercials, but between many of the same one really stood up and made us remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is called Lily & the Snowman and this is an amazing animated short film which will definitely make you shed a tear.

Lilly was only a little girl when she found a wonderful new friend in the snowman she made herself. This magical snowman put on an amazing show for her every winter and she even found a way to preserve him during the warmer days. But, as time went buy and Lilly grew older, she forgot about her frosty buddy distracted with some other things in her life. And so, after many years, something made her remember about what she loved and that is when this touching story got a heartwarming turn.

Don’t miss the surprising ending and don’t ever forget to make time for what you love!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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