An Adorable Puppy tries to reclaim his Bed from A Cat, but she does not care at all!

This video just can not be more funnier. What we have here is kind of a wrangle between two eternal rivals, a little dog puppy and a cat. A hilarious video has captured Pixel the French Bulldog doing his best to reclaim what is rightfully his, but the cat could not care less that she is in his napping place.

It looks like the little puppy is so determined to get his bed back, tugging on the tiny basket with his teeth. He even presented all of his anger by letting out a small growl. The biggest problem seems to be that Pixel with his pocket size is having an unfair position. The Cat does not care at all for this, and she just seats calm, and waits for him to give up. He even succeeded in pulling the bed, along with his opponent all across the floor, but nothing. I thought that raising his paw into the air will make some difference, but again cat just looks amused by the little dog’s frustration.

It is so adorable, check out the clip!!!

[youtube id=”bx67UQUwdas” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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