Amazing! What happens when a Man tries to get close to a Wild Lion!

Unbelievable, a Man tries to hug a wild lion!

You probably assume you know exactly what’s about to happen. But trust me when i say, you will not see this coming.

Man Tries to Hug a Wild Lion

A South African Zoologist, Kevin Richardson,  has been conducting an extensive research over the years on the native animals of the African plains. If this was any one other than Kevin trying to hug a lion, we may have had an all too predictable story to tell. But with his decades of hands on study and research, Mr. Richardson has developed a very close relationship with these ferocious felines of the South African Savanna.

Driving in a jeep equipped with GoPro cameras, Kevin takes his crew as close as they can get to these wild creatures, without letting the rest of them get out of the car, for their own safety of course.

You probably think to yourself, when you hear him call for lions and watch them charge after him, “This guy is finished!”. But unbelievable happens, these gigantic lions wrap their paws around him and give him the most adorable hug you’ll ever see in your life. Seeing these 400 pound animals acting like little house cats around Kevin, it’s almost too beautiful to be real.

I Already Did
I Already Did
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