It Looks Like A Miniature WW I Tank, But Wait To See What This Snowmobile Can Do! Amazing!

I remember when I used to be a kid that I just loved winter and there was no bigger joy for me than seeing the entire neighborhood covered in snow. Well, that time is over and now as we grow older, the only thing we think off when the snow begins to fall is how we are going to get through with our cars. In some parts of the country that can really be a big problem, but not if you would have this strange looking snowmobile on hand.

There is no terrain that can stop MTT-136 whether it is a deep snow or any other difficult path. It seems like something between a tank and a dog sled, and with the possibilities it will guarantee en endless outside fun. This snowmobile has been designed by Yvon Martel, it is electric powered and it can be used for many purposes like pulling something or even pushing a car! Brilliant!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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