This Rescue Tiger Is About To Go Swimming For The First Time… But Watch Her Right Paw!!!

Keeping wild animals in captivity is not an ideal situation, but there are some reasons for not releasing these animals in the wild. Of course in such circumstances they should be provided with appropriate living space. That is not always the case, and two tigers called  Carly and Lily are the perfect example.

These two were found living in filthy cages in Buffalo, NY, but thanks to the International Fund for Animal Welfare they are now situated in the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada which is a much better place for the two tigers. What you can see on this video is Kelly Donithan from IFAW visiting Carly and Lily. She witnessed the first time they are able to feel what it’s like to swim, and it was just incredible! This pool is built especially for these two tigers, and it allows them to cool down from all that heat.

It is so wonderful to watch them enjoying in the pool. Check out the video, I am sure it will bring a smile to your face!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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