This Amazing DIY Air Conditioner Works Perfectly, And It Costs Just $8! Incredible!

The summer is finally here and now we can enjoy those perfect sunny days. But, as we all know it can get very hot during summer and without an air conditioner that could be a real trouble. Anything worse than that is just having a malfunctioned one. But, according to this video, you would not have to worry a bit, cause these guys will show you how to make a home made air conditioner for just $8!

Sound unbelievable I must admit, but it works flawlessly. This incredible hack has been brought to us by HousholdHacker, and it has a detailed step by step instruction to help you build your own DIY air conditioner. You will be needing just a couple of things which you can buy in any local store, and just 10 minutes of your time. Check out the end result and see the cooling effects for yourself.

Feel free to tell us how you like it!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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