Amazing! Did You Know That Birds Can Open Doors?

I’m not entirely sure where this is, but I suppose it is somewhere in Canada. It appears to show that swallows have learned how to open doors by setting off motion detectors. I can’t see any other interpretation. Obviously they were nesting in this garage before it was finished. The next year motion-activated doors were installed to discourage swallows from nesting in the new facility. But, they quickly learned how to open the doors by flying in front of the infrared motion detector, as you see in this video.

Despite the fact that the other end of the parking garage is open, the swallows prefer to use their usual entrance, where the automatic doors are now located. And although there are some gaps in the steel screen around the plumbing pipes near the doors, the birds still choose to open the doors instead of squeezing through those permanent (albeit smaller) openings.

Although these birds’ newfound talent is impressive, it’s not unique: ornithologists and birders have long known that swallows are inventive nesters and devoted parents.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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