This Guy Gave Up Alcohol And Unhealthy Food For A Month And The Results Were Staggering!

We live in a modern world where we work a lot and often do not have time to eat correctly and think about our health. Many of us can not imagine to start a day without coffee, and for some people late night fun is not so good without alcohol. Well, in order to conduct an experiment Sacha Harland agreed to go a full month without drinking any alcohol or eating anything with added sugar, and the results were staggering!

Maybe you think that nothing special can be done in 30 days, but for this guy, his entire life changed when he started eating healthy. He begin losing weight and was feeling much better cause his energy level went way up. Medical results were also showing significant improvement. Changing our habits really seem like a huge step, but our body would definitely appreciate it!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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